A philosophy is a set of values and beliefs based on individual and wider social values and on professional knowledge of child development. The philosophy is reflected in our teaching and in the programs we offer and evolve to mirror changes within our community.

Our Program:

  • We encourage freedom of thought and are inspired by children’s ideas and interests.
  • All children have access to a unique and meaningful early years experience, which is innovative and responsive to the individual needs and interests of children and their families.
  • We invite children to share their identity, including interests, cultural beliefs and family values.
  • Children are gathered together as a group for sharing, communicating and reflecting. Group experiences and discussions promote a sense of community and belonging.
  • Educators foster children’s capacity to make choices about their own learning including their physical, social and emotional needs.
  • We encourage children to learn about relationships through actively reflecting on the impact of their decisions.
  • Learning spaces extend beyond the indoor environment. We highly value outdoor play and children choose which space they want to learn in while they are at kinder.
  • Materials for play and learning are predominantly natural, recycled and open-ended and the emphasis is on creative process.
  • Sustainable use of resources is key to our environmental focus and we foster a strong connection with nature.
  • It is our responsibility to communicate the importance of nutrition and a healthy lifestyle for children to thrive.
  • The Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework and the Early Years Framework for Australia are embedded in our teaching practice.


Our Image of the Child:

  • Children’s voices and experiences are valued, listened to, acknowledged and documented.
  • Children are capable and independent individuals.
  • Children have rights and are to be respected and advocated for by educators (Reference UN Convention on the Rights of the Child).
  • Every child has their own unique developmental path.
  • Children come from diverse backgrounds and communities which provide opportunities to explore deeper understandings of their unique identity and belonging.


Our Educators:

  • We extend children’s ideas using intentional teaching to broaden the scope of children’s learning.
  • We are all learners and education is a journey we take alongside children.
  • We cultivate strong, trusting, respectful relationships with children and their families.
  • We build relationships with children through observing, listening and questioning.
  • We document children’s learning in meaningful and purposeful ways to engage our kinder community.
  • We value play and we are passionate about our work with children.
  • We work with a variety of early years professionals who enrich our capacity to provide an inclusive program.


Our Community:

  • We are community minded and promote opportunities for local partnerships.
  • We respect the cultural diversity of the community and as such we do not subscribe to any particular religion or cultural belief.
  • The parent committee recognises the educator’s professional knowledge and fulfils their responsibility as service managers.
  • Ascot Kinder thrives on the contributions of its community members.